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Choose from our menu and do your order quicker with your phone, tablet or laptop, without waiting the waiter

The Einkorn and the Ancient wheats - Heritage grains - Landraces

The new Sunmoon Interactive Menu

The new Sunmoon Interactive Menu

The new Sunmoon Interactive Menu lets you order from all our dishes when you're sitting at a table in the restaurant.

How it works:

  1. Go to the site: and order your dish, salad, smoothie, etc.
  2. Enter the code on the table where you sit and wait for our waiters to serve you.
  3. Before you go, click on "Call The Bill" ... and that's it.

... and ...

  • There is an option if you are a vegan to see only those dishes that are for you.
  • You get the bill in the language that you ordered, so no more hassle with not reading Bulgarian.
  • No registration! No need to give your e-mail or password. You do not download any applications from a Store and there are no "stars", "likes", and so on.
  • We stick to the “Keep It Simple & Stupid - KISS” principle and that's why the menu is very simple, it is viewed by every phone almost and it saves a lot of unnecessary resources in this world.
  • If you still want some dish to be prepared without peas or corn, for example - call the waiter to tell him.

If you are not a fan of modern technology and DO NOT want to use the Interactive Menu, a waiter will come to you and serve you as well.

Thank you ...
the Sun Moon team